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After 8 years playing one of Santo-Seraphino's most fine violins, 1735 Venezia, kindly given by the Deutsche Stiftung Musik Leben, we are happy to announce, that Alexandra now plays a Guarneri del Gesu 1728, "von Vecsey", generously given her on loan by a private source.

New Release!!!

From shadow to light: that’s the emotional ascent traced by Sergei Prokofiev’s Violin and Piano Sonatas. They were published in the 1940s, an intense period of creation for the Russian musician who then works on his ballet Cinderella and his Fifth Symphony. The violinist Alexandra Conunova, awarded at the prestigious Tchaikovski competition in 2015, and the pianist Michael Lifits are physically involved in their performance of these two scores, which are a perfect synthesis of Prokofiev’s musical style. These sonatas are characterized by a formal classicism subverted by a bold virtuosity. Their lyricism, tormented by the irony of a modern harmonic language that is the outgrowth of a critical vision of the world, is all the more poignant.

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Foundation "Coming home" Launch of the "Artavie" Charity Foundation

Alexandra Conunova has launched the Artavie Charity Foundation, in her hometown Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. ArtaVie works with a very diverse range of people that rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to experience live music. It takes very special skills to be able to use music to engage people who face difficulties in communicating, cut off from the joy and pleasures of participating and sharing with others. Our musician,and scholarship receivers, are students of the National republican Liceum of Music, "Ciprian Porumbescu"

Julius Bär award

Alexandra was awarded the prestigious Prix Julius Bär, presented to the most accomplished artist of the Verbier Festival Academy. As one of the benefits of winning this prize, Alexandra is invited to perform in 2015 in the official program of the Verbier Festival.

Alexandra Conunova meets the Val de Bagnes students

The violinist Alexandra Conunova and cellist Lionel Cottet, alumni of the Verbier Festival Academy, will visit twenty primary classrooms at the Val de Bagnes to perform in front of the students and present their work as well as their passion for classical music. An encounter that could inspire younger ones to follow in these professional musicians’ footsteps…

Verbier Festival

Alexandra Conunova got awarded the third Prize at The XV International Tchaikovsky Competition

About Alexandra’s final round: “The violin was striking in its transparency and weightlessness so that at times one had the impression that this was chamber music. It was reminiscent of a performance in that same hall of the Tchaikovsky Concerto given by Julia Fischer in 2006—one of the best that had been heard—and Conunova’s interpretation kept to that same high standard.”

The XV International Tchaikovsky Competition

Alexandra Conunova got awarded the Borletti-Buitoni Trust Fellowship 2016

Borletti-Buitoni Trust

Alexandra Conunova got awarded the Max-D. Jost prize 2016